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 홀로디지로그 휴먼미디어 연구센터(Center for HoloDigilog Human Media) 


It is our great pleasure to invite you to the ‘Global Holographic Industries Forum 2018 (GHIF 2018)’ to be held at the ‘Sori Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do’, Jeonju, Jeonbuk, Korea from August 23th (Thur.) to August 24th (Fri.), 2018. This event has been jointly organized by the ‘Province of Jeonbuk’ and ‘HoloDigilog Human Media Research Center’, and supervised by five academic societies such as ‘The Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences (KICS)’, ‘Optical Society of Korea (OSK)’, ‘Korean Information Display Society (KIDS)’ and ‘Korean Institute of Broadcast and Media Engineers (KIBME)’.

The world is now being ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution. We are also looking forward to creating an intelligent information industry through the 4th Industrial Revolution. Holography has been regarded as one of the most promising technologies to create the future intelligent information society. Here, we would like to discuss the present and future of the holographic technology with the global experts through the ‘Global Holographic Industries Forum 2018’. Through this, we believe that we can materialize the idea of why the industrial holographic technology is needed, what to prepare, and how to implement it.

Thus far, the last few years in Korea have witnessed an increase of research activity dedicated to the development of practical holographic displays and related contents, and several national R&D projects have been launched by the Korean government in this field. More recently, a Korean expert group on holography has been established in line with the strong interest shown by our Government in applying the holographic technique into diverse industrial products and equipment for display, TV broadcasting, medicine, security, entertainment, culture, measurement, arts and so on. The group was formed with participation of government officers from several Korean Ministries, Research team leaders from IT-related companies including Samsung and LG, as well as research team leaders from leading national research institutes such as ‘Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)’, ‘Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)’, ‘Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)’, ‘Korea Institute of Lighting Technology (KILT)’ and ‘Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institute (GERI)’.

We believe that this international meeting will be a very valuable opportunity for all of us not only to share and exchange opinions and to discuss directions of future development of the industrial holography, but also to provide a platform for making a lot of collaborations in the future holographic industries and related business. We are also confident that this meeting will be most rewarding and inspiring for all of us and it will be a big success.

Finally, we want to express our deep appreciations to the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning as well as ETRI, KIST, KETI, KILT, GERI, KOPTI, National Research Foundation (NRF), Korea Telecom (KT), Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, LG Display and LG Electronics for their sponsorships of this international event.

Thank you


2018. 8. 23

Honorary Chair of the GHIF 2018

Governor Ha-Jin Song (Province of Jeonbuk, Korea)

General Chair of the GHIF 2018

Prof. Eun-Soo Kim (Kwangwoon University, Korea)